The Joint Programme works through one unified framework; the Unified Budget, Results and Accountability Framework (UBRAF), to ensure we are on the fast track to end AIDS.  The 2016-2021 UBRAF was the first multi- agency results and accountability framework to be adopted under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Agenda 2030 & 2016 Political Declaration on Ending AIDS: The framework is based on the strategic targets outlined through the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2016 Political Declaration on ending AIDS. Thus, the UBRAF operationalizes the UNAIDS Strategy 2016-2021 on the fast track to end AIDS and has been endorsed by the UNAIDS governing body (Programme Coordinating Board).

Reform for Results: Given the rapidly changing global context and informed by the findings of the Global Review Panel on the UNAIDS operating model, the Joint Programme is refining its approach to ending AIDS and reinforcing its role as a pioneer in broader UN reform. Concrete goals and targets are detailed in the Action Plan that aims to strengthen the coherence and effectiveness of the Joint Programme’s support to countries, taking into account the central themes in the QCPR.

Delivering as One: The UBRAF is designed to maximize the coherence, effectiveness and impact of the HIV-related resources of the United Nations. Through the UNAIDS’ Division of Labour between and among the Cosponsors and the Secretariat, the UBRAF focuses Cosponsor and Secretariat support, taking into account the comparative advantages and mandates of each organization, in-country presence, and existing national capacities and resources, as well as added value of joint initiatives and effective collaboration.



On the Fast Track: The UBRAF is based on the principles outlined in the UNAIDS 2016–2021 Strategy that are required to fast-track progress, namely:  

  • Consideration of regional epidemics and front loading of investments  
  • Priority-setting and focus on location and population  
  • Shared responsibility and global solidarity  
  • Innovation and speeding up science for people  
  • Cross-sectoral partnerships: leveraging the contributions of diverse stakeholders  
  • People-centered accountability for inclusive, effective and legitimate responses

Joint Accountability: The framework consists of 20 country-level outputs, which capture the contribution of the Joint Programme to specific result areas in the UNAIDS 2016- 2021 Strategy, and core organizational functions of the UNAIDS Secretariat and Cosponsors. Explained through the theory of change, the UBRAF shows how each level, from workplan to outputs and strategy result areas, ultimately contributes to the UNAIDS vision.