The collective results of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) in 2022 saved lives and helped further accelerated progress towards ending AIDS as a public health threat. As a multisectoral Joint Programme to support countries’ progress towards achieving the global AIDS targets, with a proven track record of addressing the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized, the Joint Programme further catalyzed efforts to reduce HIV-related inequalities in 2022. 

The UNAIDS Unified Budget, Results and Accountability Framework 2022–2026 (UBRAF) guides and allows for the operationalization of the Joint Programme’s support for implementation of the Global AIDS Strategy. The Performance Monitoring Report  summarizes the Joint Programme’s results in 2022 towards the UBRAF outcomes, which contribute to the Global AIDS Strategy’s three strategic priorities:

  • Outcome 1: People living with, at risk of, and affected by HIV obtain equitable access and reap equitable benefits from HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services.
  • Outcome 2: Communities of people living with, at risk of and affected by HIV, including key populations, women and young people, are empowered, enabled and effectively resourced to lead HIV service delivery, advocate for and enjoy their right to health, and social and structural drivers of the HIV epidemic are removed.
  • Outcome 3. Increased availability of effective, equitable and sustainable systems to achieve and maintain the 2025 targets, through robust financing for national budgets and community responses, greater service integration for people-centred delivery, expanded HIV service access in emergency settings, and effective pandemic preparedness and responses.

For achieving those three outcomes, the UBRAF outlines 10 interconnected areas where UNAIDS actions generate concrete, demonstrable results, with specific programmatic outputs articulated for each result area.

Find on the left-hand side the comprehensive 2022 Performance Monitoring Report package, along with the UBRAF indicator scorecard and infographics.


The Joint Programme:

  • remains a catalytic force in the HIV response
  • brings more than the sum of its parts
  • is people-centred and advanced comprehensive HIV prevention, treatment and care services
  • guided billions of US dollars for HIV response
  • generated and supported use of HIV data
  • tackled inequalities
  • continuously adapted to the evolving context



Find below various infographics on selected Joint Programme results in 2022

Rising together - Overcoming barriers in the HIV response

Championing legal reform for Human Rights

Global Fund & UNAIDS Partnership (updated)

UNAIDS spearheading UN Reform for impact (updated)


2022 Performance Monitoring Report


Executive Summary EN/FR

Results Report EN/FR

Results by Region EN/FR

Results by Organization EN/FR

Financial Report EN/FR

2022 Scorecard and Infographics

UBRAF Indicator Scorecard

Infographic "Championing legal reforms for Human Rights" EN/FR

Infographic "Rising together - Overcoming barriers in the HIV response"

Updated infographic on UNAIDS spearheading UN Reform for impact

Updated infographic on UNAIDS and Global Fund Partnership

Visual on Joint Programme Results Framework EN/FR

2020 Performance Monitoring Reports

Executive Summary EN/FR

Strategy Result Area Report EN/FR

Regional and Country Report EN/FR

Organizational Report EN/FR