UNICEF Spending by Result Area in 2022 (Core and Non-Core Expenditure and Encumbrances)

Total:   $ 52 367 933


UNICEF is the leading voice for children in the global AIDS response and a founding Co-Sponsor of UNAIDS. Active in more than 190 countries, the agency promotes the rights of the child and cares for the world’s children form the foundation of human development. It strives to create an environment for children and adolescents free from poverty, inequality, discrimination, and disease and therefore works on ensuring that in a future generation all children are born free from HIV and those who live with HIV have access to adequate treatment, care and support.

To address inequalities in the global HIV response for children, adolescents and pregnant women, UNICEF integrates HIV responses into strategic planning and programme implementation across all its core interventions, including health, nutrition, child protection, education, social policy and humanitarian response. 

UNICEF’s Strategic plan for 2022–2025 prioritizes actions to accelerate progress towards ending AIDS as a public health threat as part of its strategic goal to ensure that every child and adolescent survives and thrives. UNICEF’s Strategy for health for 2016–2030 integrates actions for HIV across all health interventions. UNICEF’s global Gender action plan prioritizes HIV prevention and care, and promotes the leadership, empowerment and well-being of adolescent girls. UNICEF’s Adolescent girls programme strategy emphasizes support to countries to deliver multisectoral programming that addresses HIV prevention, treatment and care.

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