UNICEF Spending by Strategy Result Area in 2020-2021 (Core and Non-Core Expenditure and Encumbrances)

Total:   $ 141 071 321



UNICEF is the leading voice for children in the global AIDS response and a founding Co-Sponsor of UNAIDS. Active in more than 190 countries, the agency promotes the rights of the child and cares for the world’s children form the foundation of human development. It strives to create an environment for children and adolescents free from poverty, inequality, discrimination, and disease and therefore works on ensuring that in a future generation all children are born free from HIV and those who live with HIV have access to adequate treatment, care and support.

HIV continues to be a critical component of UNICEF’s work to improve health and well-being from pregnancy to adolescence, integrating it with other sectors, including:

  • Health (TB, chronic diseases, triple elimination)
  • Early childhood development (nurturing care in HIV services)
  • Child protection (Gender-based violence prevention to reduce HIV risk)
  • Education (school health, HIV and reproductive health information, keeping girls in school)
  • Social policy (HIV-sensitive social protection)

With its HIV programme, UNICEF and its partners in the field not only remain committed to contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals and a broader right to health (SDG 3), but also work on ending poverty (SDG 1) and hunger (SDG 2) and, through the lens of gender equality, reducing stigma, discrimination and marginalization of those adolescents—especially young women and girls who are left behind (SDG 5). By promoting comprehensive sexuality education, including for adolescent and young key populations, UNICEF’s work furthermore contributes to fostering inclusive and equitable quality education for all (SDG 4).

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