UNAIDS relies on voluntary contributions from a range of donors and development partners, including governments, bilateral aid agencies, foundations, private sector entities, other multilateral actors (including UNAIDS Cosponsors or other institutions), and individuals.

The Joint Programme receives both core and non-core funds. Core funds are intended to fund the core functions of the Secretariat and provide catalytic funding for the HIV-related work of 11 Cosponsors. Non-core funds are supplementary and extra-budgetary funds mobilized by the Secretariat at national, regional and global level that are for the most part earmarked for very specific purposes and cannot easily replace more flexible core funds.

UNAIDS Joint Resource Mobilization Plan aims to mobilize US$ 242 million annually for 2018-2021 towards a fully-funded UBRAF. UNAIDS will also continue to advocate for a fully-funded HIV response and will support civil society efforts to mobilize additional funding for effective advocacy for the global HIV response. The current plan focuses on three broad pillars; strengthened government donor funding, expanded private sector resources, and leveraged partnerships and innovative financing.



A funding gap for the UBRAF seriously threatens UNAIDS’ ability to deliver on its 2016–2021 Strategy. To respond to the widening funding gap, UNAIDS initiated a serious of responses highlighted in the Resource Mobilization Plan and outlined three strategic areas to achieve the required levels of funding:

To sustain and strengthen government donor funding:

  • Donor visits and advocacy
  • Further develop, enhance, and implement donor roadmaps
  • Strengthen outreach and develop agreed priorities with donor countries

To expand private sector funding:

  • Develop a detailed business plan with market assessments and appropriate due diligence for fundraising from corporations, foundations, and individuals
  • Identify a larger set of additional corporations and foundations to partner with
  • Put in place central communications support capacity and linkages to countries to enable a continuous flow of fundraising themes and country stories

To leverage partnerships & innovative financing:

  • Grow well-established partnerships with several regional development banks and funds
  • Further strengthening of the relationship between the Global Fund and the Joint Programme