UNAIDS Secretariat Spending by Core Function in 2018-2019 (Core and Non-Core Expenditure and Encumbrances)

Total:   $ 349 096 702



The UNAIDS Secretariat drives the global AIDS agenda, mobilizes political commitment and resources for the response to AIDS. It advocates for global health and social justices, putting civil society at the centre of the AIDS responseand amplifies the voices of people and communities most affected by HIV. The Secretariat also strengthens the evidence base, supports and advocates for effective interventions, sustainable financing, and scaled up community responses.


The five Secretariat Functions detail the core responsibilities and monitor achievements within the UBRAF. Through these Functions, the Secretariat works across all Result Areas in collaboration with convening Cosponsors according to the UNAIDS Division of Labour.

The visual above shows the Secretariat's core and non-core spending by each Core Function. Core funds are intended to fund the core functions of the Secretariat and provide catalytic funding for the HIV-related work of 11 Cosponsors. Non-core funds are supplementary and extra-budgetary funds mobilized by the Secretariat at national, regional and global level that are for the most part earmarked for very specific purposes and cannot easily replace more flexible core funds.