UNESCO Spending by Strategy Result Area in 2016-2017 (Core and Non-Core Expenditure and Encumbrances)

Total:   $ 26 796 018 



UNESCO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It was founded with the mission of contributing to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science and culture.

UNESCO is one of the six founding UNAIDS Cosponsors and is responsible for leading efforts to support countries in scaling up the education sector response to HIV. UNESCO’s Strategy on Education for Health and Well-Being is aligned to the SDGs and the UNAIDS Fast-Track strategy, and establishes the goal of supporting the contribution of national education sectors to ending AIDS and promoting better health and well-being for all children and young people.

UNESCO’s two strategic priorities for health education in the 2016–2021 period; ensuring that all children and young people benefit from quality comprehensive sexuality education that includes HIV education, and that all children and young people have access to safe, inclusive, health-promoting learning environments.

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