ILO Spending by Strategy Result Area in 2016-2017 (Core and Non-Core Expenditure and Encumbrances)

Total:   $ 13 812 632



The ILO is the specialized United Nations agency responsible for the world of work. Its aims are to promote rights at work, encourage employment opportunities, enhance social protection, and strengthen social dialogue on work-related issues. As a cosponsor of UNAIDS, ILO is the lead agency on HIV workplace policies and programmes, as well as private sector mobilization. ILO recognizes that HIV has a potentially devastating impact on labor and productivity and represents an enormous burden for working people and their families. The organization has been involved in the HIV response since 1998.

The 2016-2017 biennium marked a shift in the focus of the ILO’s HIV programme. This shift involved a fewer number of Unified Budget Results Accountability Framework (UBRAF) outputs, thus bringing many resources to achieve solidified results. A data driven, rights-based, gender-sensitive approach, which concentrates significant resources on key and vulnerable working populations mainly in fast track countries was adopted.

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