UNODC Spending by Strategy Result Area in 2016-2017 (Core and Non-Core Expenditure and Encumbrances)

Total:   $ 16 429 978



UNODC is committed to promoting health, justice, and security by being a global leader in the response to illicit drugs, transnational organized crime, and terrorism. Using its many years of experience and its technical and political credibility, UNODC strives to ensure that such initiatives are designed and implemented in a proactive, focused, and effective manner.

UNODC is the UNAIDS convening agency for HIV prevention, treatment, and care for people who use drugs and for ensuring access to comprehensive HIV services for people in prisons and other closed settings. UNODC collaborates with national and international partners, including civil society and other UNAIDS cosponsors to support countries in developing and implementing interventions. In addition, the agency works to ensure that people who use drugs, including young people, women, and people living with HIV are meaningfully involved in programme design and implementation.

UNODC contributed to the work of the UNAIDS Global HIV Prevention Coalition and the development of the UNAIDS HIV prevention 2020 roadmap. This involves a country-led movement to scale up HIV prevention programmes as part of a comprehensive response to meet global and national prevention targets and commitments, including for prison inmates and people who inject drugs.

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