Strong, inclusive, integrated health systems that reach all are crucial for ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. The Joint Programme worked with governments to include HIV service elements––such as peer educators, community outreach and point-of-care laboratory systems––into primary health care systems and universal health coverage.

In addition, the Joint Programme contributed to broader health system strengthening programmes, including through technical advice and operational support for human resources, health benefit packages and improving community engagement. This also involved promoting uptake of innovations such as digital systems for health at the primary health care level.

Joint Programme specific outputs for 2022-2023
9.1 Support the generation and dissemination of tools and guidance on integrating HIV services and support systems into primary health benefits packages for universal health coverage and social protection systems, and building and strengthening health systems (including preparedness and resilience to crises) 
9.2 Support data generation and better use of evidence to Increase service integration and access to social protection services for people living with, at risk of, and affected by HIV and TB